Veneer Stone

Key Landscape can install natural or artificial veneers. We have a variety of textures and colors to choose from, which will transform a drab looking wall into a work of art.

You are also guaranteed of excellently done job because of our lengthy experience in this particular masonry work. We have completed countless veneer stone installation for clients in Keene and surrounding areas. Our clients from these areas commend us for our quality workmanship, creativity, and outstanding work ethics. Hire us now and we'll show you how we transform walls into beautiful art pieces.

Choosing the Right Veneer Stone

There are a lot of factors to consider when installing veneers on your walls. First, you must find a reliable veneer stone installer to ensure proper installation of the veneers. By choosing experienced installers like us, you can expect fast but hassle-free installation. We use proven installation methods and techniques to maintain the structural integrity of your walls. For example, we may add wall reinforcements to handle the additional weight of the stones. We also equip our crews with the right masonry tools and equipment.

The second factor we consider is your desired veneer material. You may choose artificial or natural stone veneers, depending on your budget and desired design. But before you make a decision, it is vital to understand first the characteristics of each type of veneer stone. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of manufactured and natural stone veneers.

  • Cost. There is a slight difference in the cost of artificial and natural stone veneers. The manufactured ones are cheaper to install compared to natural stone veneer. The former is the perfect material to use if you have a limited budget.

  • Ease of installation. The artificial veneer stone is easy to install, particularly those brands that incorporate innovative features in their veneer products. Thin stone veneers are also easy to install. Just hire experienced installers like us to get fast installation service.

  • Durability. When it comes to durability, natural stone is the clear winner. It can last for decades with minimal maintenance efforts. But the use of modern manufacturing technology makes faux stones a tough contender for durability.

  • Aesthetic benefits. Artificial veneers can mimic the look and finish of natural stones, but they can't surpass the stones' timeless beauty and unique finishes. Natural stone veneers won't fade even if they are subjected to severe weather conditions.

Rely on Expert Veneer Stone Installers

By hiring expert veneer stone installers, you are guaranteed of fine workmanship and outstanding results. Your wall will not only look elegant but also become a durable and energy-efficient structure. If you're from Keene, Hillsborough, Springfield, Concord, Farmington, Manchester, or nearby area, please call Key Landscape and Irrigation at (603) 352-6496.
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