Landscape & Hardscape Services

Key Landscape and Irrigation is one of the leading landscape and property improvement contractors in New Hampshire. For years, we have been the go-to company for those who want reliable services and excellently done landscaping jobs. Our clients will also enjoy the client-friendly rates that we offer, particularly those who will avail our comprehensive landscaping services and outdoor features installation. Contact us at (603) 352-6496 or visit us at our office at Keene, NH. Please also take a look at the services we offer:

Design Services

Our design services has been tried and tested by countless property owners in New Hampshire. Our creations include beautiful landscape setups, functional outdoor living features, elegant paver amenities, fully furnished outdoor kitchens, and charming water features. These are all carefully designed by our well-experienced landscape and hardscape designers. They also use modern design tools to give you realistic rendering of the design plan. Call us if you also want to get these kinds of outdoor features. Read More About Design Services »

Landscape Installation

Key Landscape and Irrigation is a landscape installation expert. We have already handled and completed countless landscaping projects in the state, so we can assure you of an excellently done landscape setup that meets your needs and design requirements. Our seasoned landscapers can install all types of plantings such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. We can also install new lawns in residential and commercial properties using your desired turf variety. To make your landscape fully functional and appealing, we will also install hardscapes, water features, fire amenities, wood structures, and other vital landscape elements. Read More About Landscape Installation »


Do you want to have an elegant and durable outdoor amenity? We can build one for you by using premium-quality pavers. We source our paving products from leading paver manufacturers like Techo-Bloc. They provide us with top-quality pavers that are also available in stylish designs. We highly recommend these materials on your patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck, sidewalk, and outdoor living spaces. Don't worry about the installation of these pavers since we have certified paver installers who can guarantee their precise installation. Read More About Pavers »

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have vital functions in your property. They can enhance the appeal of your outdoors, create new functional spaces, and improve safety in the area. But you have to hire expert retaining wall builders to get these benefits. At Key Landscape and Irrigation, we know how to design and build sturdy retaining walls in landscaped properties. We recommend stylish designs, colors, and patterns to make them attractive outdoor features. We also use top-quality retaining wall blocks to ensure the durability and longevity of the walls we build in your property. Read More About Retaining Walls »

Custom Stone

There are only a few landscape contractors in the state who can offer custom stone works. This is a highly specialized job that only experienced and well-trained people can perform. Don't look farther since Key Landscape and Irrigation also offers this kind of service. We offer custom stone installation to residential and commercial clients across the state. We have access to large quarries in the Tri-state area, so we can get the right natural stone for your project. You can choose bluestone, flagstone, granite, slate, or other natural stones in our inventory. Read More About Custom Stone »

Veneer Stone

If you are still looking for a reliable veneer installer, please contact us. Our people are well-experienced in artificial and natural veneer stone installation. The stone veneers that we install are not only effective in protecting your walls from the elements but also an excellent option for improving your walls' aesthetic appeal. We have a large collection of veneers, so you can choose the perfect color, finish, or pattern that will suit your preferred style or theme. Read More About Veneer Stone »

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s

Family bonding and weekly get-togethers with your friends will be more fun and exciting if you have a professionally designed outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have one, please call us. We offer custom-designed outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s at client-friendly rates. The materials and appliances we use on your outdoor kitchen are all top-quality and sourced from leading suppliers. You can also opt for a pre-built kitchen island or designer BBQ grills. We may also recommend other amenities such as entertainment systems, dining tables and chairs, a wine bar, and pizza oven. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s »

Water Features

Let us create a relaxing ambiance in your landscape by installing creatively designed water features. You can hire us to install fish ponds, waterfalls, tiered fountains, bubbling pots, birdbaths, pondless waterfalls, and other water elements in your landscaping. We will make sure that they are installed in perfect spots to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in your landscape. These features are also great accents in your outdoor area. Read More About Water Features »

Landscape Lighting

You can improve the safety and security in your property by installing premium-grade landscape lighting. You can also use the outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight the beauty of your landscape at night. But don't install them in a DIY manner. Instead, hire a landscaping company that also offers landscape lighting installation. Key Landscape and Irrigation should be your top choice since we have certified lighting technicians and access to premium-quality outdoor lighting products. We will also use different lighting techniques to illuminate important features in your landscaping. Some of the popular techniques that we may use in our project include silhouetting, moonlighting, grazing, wall washing, and spot lighting. Read More About Landscape Lighting »

Sprinklers & Irrigation

Our company has the experience and capability to design and install efficient irrigation systems. We have already built numerous sprinklers and irrigation systems in residential and commercial properties across the state, so we are able to hone our skills in this area. All of our designs are guaranteed to provide clients with huge savings on water bills. We also use premium brands to ensure the longevity of your watering system. If you also want water-efficient and reliable irrigation, please contact us today. Read More About Sprinklers & Irrigation »

Commercial Snow Removal/Sand/Salt

We offer fast and reliable snow removal service to clients in Keene and surrounding areas. We have complete tools and equipment such as snow plows, snow pushers, salt spreaders, snow blowers, and other hand tools. These are all operated by well-trained crews. We may use the sanding or salting method, depending on the needs of your property. We will make sure that your landscape features and amenities will be protected from damage caused by snow or faulty equipment. Call us today and sign our comprehensive contract to avoid the usual hassle during winter season. Read More About Snow Commercial Removal/Sand/Salt »
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