Sprinklers & Irrigation

Key Landscape is one of the only local companies that is certified to design and install irrigation systems. We are a Rainbird Select contractor. We can install small drip systems that conserve water, to large systems that can provide water for as large an area as needed. We can now provide you with rainwater harvesting systems. We have installed several local athletic fields with state of the art, sprinkler technology.

Water-efficient Irrigation Systems

The first thing that you should ask from your irrigation contractor is its expertise in designing sprinklers and irrigation systems. Can they guarantee water-efficient irrigation systems? If yes, then you've got the right installer. Aside from this guarantee, you should also choose a local company that has ample knowledge of the state's rules and regulations on irrigation systems. And here at Key Landscape and Irrigation, we have all these capabilities. We can assure you of a 100 percent functioning system that is not only water-efficient but also reliable. We will make sure that your irrigation is compliant with New Hampshire's regulations.

You can save up to 25% on your water consumption if you will let a professional design your sprinklers and irrigation systems. Our company can easily create an irrigation design that will give you this amount of savings on water consumption. We do this by using efficient design techniques such as choosing the right type of sprinklers, determining the right number of zones, and using irrigation controllers. As proofs, all of our residential and commercial clients from Keene, Hillsborough, Springfield, Concord, Newport, Franklin, Farmington, and Manchester can attest to the highly efficient irrigation systems that we have installed for them.

Premium Quality Irrigation Products

At Key Landscape and Irrigation, we use only premium quality irrigation products in all our installation projects. We know that the quality of the materials we use will reflect how we value our customers. Our primary aim is to provide our clients with highly efficient sprinklers and irrigation systems by using the finest materials available. They will also get a low-maintenance irrigation system because of our use of durable products and components.

With RainBird as our main partner and supplier, you will never regret hiring our services. The company is the leading manufacturer of premium quality sprinklers and irrigation products in the country. The innovative products it offers are guaranteed top-of-the-line and proven long-lasting. From sprinklers and pipes to controllers and sensors, Rainbird can provide all the vital components we need to create water-efficient irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties. As a certified installer, we can also install other RainBird products such as sprinklers for golf courses and irrigation systems for agriculture applications.

If you want to replace your current sprinklers and irrigation system or you are installing a new landscape, please call us right now at (603) 352-6496. We are the right contractor to hire for this kind of project.
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