Landscape Installation

Key Landscape has access to the one of the best nurseries in the state. Whether it is a small plant or a fully matured trees, we can find what ever you need for your property. The nursery that we use, has all of your common plant materials, as well as some very unique plants.

Well-experienced Landscape Installation Firm

There are a lot of landscaping companies in New Hampshire that offer landscape installation. But why still choose us over our competitors? At Key Landscape and Irrigation, you will get premium landscape services at client-friendly rates. We have well-experienced landscapers with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape design and installation. You can find some of their stunning creations in Keene, Hillsborough, Springfield, Concord, and nearby areas. Aside from our skilled installation team, we also have other vital resources that help us complete projects in a timely manner. We have specialized tools and heavy-duty equipment for certain landscaping tasks such as grading and excavation.

Complete Landscaping Package

At Key Landscape and Irrigation, we offer a comprehensive landscaping service. We can help you design your desired landscape setup and install the different landscape elements and features in your property. From softscape and hardscapes to water and fire features, we guarantee the excellent installation of these landscape elements.

Our landscape installation team can work on all these landscape features and amenities:

  • Softscapes. We can create a lush and charming landscape setup with the different softscape elements that we can install in your backyard. The plantings that we can install include annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, groundcovers, and different varieties of turf. As mentioned, we source these plantings from a trusted local nursery to give you the best varieties of plant species. We highly recommend plantings that are native to New Hampshire to reduce your irrigation requirements. Our landscape installation crews will carefully install these plantings to ensure their proper growth.

  • Hardscape features. Your landscape will not be complete without vital hardscape features, such as walkways, garden paths, and retaining walls. These features enhance the functionality of your outdoor space and even help improve the aesthetic appeal of your entire landscape. We will install them in strategic areas to let you fully enjoy the benefits of these amenities. Aside from hardscapes, we can also build outdoor living structures, such as patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, and sitting areas.

  • Water and fire features. If you want to have an outdoor space that can provide you with warmth, comfort, and a relaxing ambiance, we can install water and fire features in your landscape. Your garden area will become more attractive if you have ponds, waterfalls, and water fountains. Meanwhile, the fire features that we suggest for our New Hampshire clients are outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls and fire pits.

Please call (603) 352-6496 today so we can discuss further the other great options for your landscape installation project.
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