Custom Stone

Key Landscape can find whatever natural stone you need for your project, be it a wall, walkway, or patio. We have access to many quarries in the tri-state area, be it Bluestone,natural fieldstone, to Goshen stone.

Experts in Custom Stone Works

Our company has been providing New Hampshire clients with topnotch services, particularly in the field of landscaping and property improvement. Among the services they usually request is installing natural stones on their outdoor features and amenities. Most of our custom stone works involve the creation of walls, patios, decks, driveways, and garden paths. But our expertise in this area is not only limited to popular outdoor features. We can also perform other customized stone installation jobs that you may require, whether indoors or outdoors.

Once you hire Key Landscape and Irrigation for any custom stone installation job, you are already assured of top-quality workmanship. Our people are trained to work with utmost proficiency and highly skilled in installing various types of natural stones. They know the characteristics of all kinds of stones and their recommended applications. For example, they will only suggest stones that would best suit frequently wet spaces such as pool decks and walkways. Installing slip-resistant stones in these areas will reduce slip-and-fall accidents.

Elegant Natural Stone Features

The primary objective of Key Landscape and Irrigation is to provide our clients with elegant natural stone features that are also durable and long-lasting. We do this by carefully selecting the stones we use in our client's property. We adopt a strict quality control system to ensure that only the finest stones will be used on your pavement or vertical masonry structures.

Since we have contacts with large quarries in the Tri-state area, we can easily get your desired stone type. Our ready access to stone suppliers allows us to get different stone colors, finishes, and sizes. We can also order bulk stones from our suppliers, so we can serve the needs of both residential and commercial clients in Keene and surrounding areas. With the wide variety of options and large selection of stones in our inventory, it is easy for us to create your custom stone feature. Some of the natural stones that we may use on your masonry structure include bluestone, granite, fieldstone, marble, slate, and Goshen stone.

Call us today if you want to have attractive outdoor features and amenities. We have a long list of highly satisfied clients in Keene, Hillsborough, Springfield, Concord, Newport, Franklin, and nearby areas, so you are definitely getting the services of well-experienced and skilled stone masons. Dial (603) 352-6496 and tell us your natural stone requirements. Rest assured that you won't regret hiring us for your custom stone installation project.
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